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A little bit about me! Hey! I'm Chris!

I began drawing from a very early age where I would create my own characters and stories, inspired by cartoons I loved. 

I'm actually a professionally trained Dancer/Singer/Actor and still work in the performing industry to this day.

Art unfortunately took a backseat for many years whilst I was training and starting out in my career until 2014, where an unfortunate injury caused me to be out of action for a solid the best part of a year! During this time, I picked up that pencil again and rediscovered my love for drawing.

My genre and style very much reflect on the cartoons and animations I grew up watching. A self confessed "big kid", I love to draw Disney, Pixar & Anime characters and bring them to life in my own way, as well as animal portraits and pieces that represent things going on in the world today. As I'm progressing, I'm realising I am most passionate about Illustrating and animation. My latest projects include illustrating a new series of children's books coming hopefully soon. 

I would describe my Art as vibrant, colourful, detailed and animated. 

You can follow me on Social Media:

Instagram:   @chrisconnorartist 

Twitter: @chrisconnorart

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/chrisconnorart


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