A little bit about me! Hey! I'm Chris and I'm a freelance Illustrator from the South-East of England.

I began drawing from a very early age where I would create my own characters and stories, inspired by cartoons I loved. 

I'm actually a professionally trained Musical Theatre performer and still work in the performing industry to this day. 

Art took a backseat for many years whilst I was going through my professional training and starting out in my career, until 2014, where an unfortunate injury took me out of action for the best part of a year! During this time, I picked up that pencil again and rediscovered my love for drawing.

As a self-confessed "BIg KId", I would definitely say my art style is influenced by the likes of Disney & Pixar.

Thank you for stopping by and hope that my art brings some vibrance and joy to your day.

You can follow me on Social Media:

Instagram:   @chrisconnorartist 

Twitter: @chrisconnorart

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/chrisconnorart

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I could go on and on about this wonderful show and the positive representation it brings to the LGBTQIA+ community. Like many others, I felt a lot of mixed emotions after watching it for the first time. Pride & joy/excitement for the younger generation that they get to have this show representing themselves in a positive light in today's media. And even sadness/grief for us older generation and the youth we as young queer teens didn't get to have. I needed to redirect these feelings into something and so I decided the best way to remain feeling this joy was to create some artwork based on the scenes that have stuck with me the most. 

'i really like you...'

'maybe i can have that too...'

'you're my boyfriend! i'm your boyfriend! WE'RE BOYFRIENDS!!'

i really like you
maybe i can have that too
'You're my boyfriend! I'm you're boyfriend! WE'RE BOYFRIENDS!!'


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